“I cannot gush enough about my new found LOVE – my Nia dance class!! It has made me feel more confident and empowered! I have always struggled with body image issues all of my life, and this class has shown me how to LOVE myself, and accept who I am and how I look. Self confidence, JOY, and love for life is important, and I would recommend this class to anyone looking to empower themselves, make great friends, or to just have fun and DANCE!! I love my Nia family!! Thank you to my Nia family and Embody for showing me how to love myself!!!”  – Sadie Roe

“It’s been a year this week since I walked into my first private yoga session, starting a lifelong journey. Looking back on how inflexible and pain plagued I was, I can’t believe how far my body has come. It is a practice of humility, constant challenge, and never ending progress both on the mat and off. ♡♡♡ it!” – Cindy Colvin

“It’s only been a week since I started yoga at Embody and this is a whole new world for me. My mind and body are working together for the very first time. I’m walking differently. I’m using my feet to do work my hands have always done. I’m moving and listening to my body so much more now. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!” -Jonah Arnold

“Embody is my personal sanctuary!!! But more than that, it’s the place that I feel I get my restorative self back! Since walking in the doors at Embody more than a year ago, I have found that beautiful peace I have been chasing for the last many years! The time I spend at Embody is precious and perfect and it’s all for me. Its my gift to myself – and I am a better, healthier, stronger, vibrant version of myself. That’s the best most awesome gift i can give to myself…” -Kim Chase

“Embody is such a welcoming warm home to learn and grow. I have learned to free myself and embrace my body as it is, just healthier. I have accomplished more than I ever could have imagined.” – Cindy Monroe

Our Mission

Our mission at Embody Movement Studio & Lifestyle Boutique is to care for the community we live in, from the joy-based movement classes we offer and hand-selected items thoughtfully chosen for our boutique to our special concerts, workshops, and events. At Embody we strive to provide a warm, inviting, and safe space that enables individuals to move, nurture, and heal their bodies, minds, and spirits through joyful movement in community.



A great studio, with amazing teachers! Love that this is local, and everyone is so caring! They can take a beginner like me, who can't even touch her toes, and guide me through the process!

Renee Corwin-Rey

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